Sheep Milk Angel 1 - Kiwifruit 300tabs

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Angel 1 is made under strict New Zealand Quality requirements.

Risk Management Program(RMP)/HACCP Certified/GMP Standard

Sheep and kiwifruit are the two of the most recognized nutritional sources representing New Zealand. By combining the goodness of these two, we have developed Angel I.


  • he first health supplement with Sheep milk as its major ingredient in New Zealand.
  • Made in New Zealand with 100% pure New Zealand Sheep milk and Kiwi fruit powder.
  • No Artificial flavours, colours and preservatives added, keeping rich NATURAL milky and fruity flavour.


  • Energy to everyday life with rich Protein, essential fatty acid, and balanced nutrition
  • Stronger bone and healthy growth with rich Calcium, Zinc, Vitamins, Folic acid, essential amino acids, and Protein
  • Brain food with rich Vitamin A, B1(Thiamine), B3(Niacin), B12, C, Folic acid, Iron, and Calcium
  • Enhanced immunity/cancer fighting with rich folic acid, Zinc, Vitamin C, and Conjugated Linoleic acid(CLA)
  • Healthy, smooth skin with rich Vitamin A(Retinol), and B2(Riboflavin)
  • Weight management with rich Conjugated Linoleic acid(CLA), and balanced nutrition
  • A possible alternative to those who suffer from allergic reactions or indigestion of dairy products.


  • kids/teenagers who need stronger, healthier growth.
  • adult/elderly people who need more energy, immunity, and balanced nutrition.
  • pregnant women who need supplemental intake of natural Folic acid for healthier babies.
  • women who are conscious of skin health and balanced diet.
  • those who have digestion problems or allergic reactions to dairy products.


  • 100% pure New Zealand Sheep milk powder 320mg per tablet
  • 100% pure New Zealand kiwi fruit powder 20mg per tablet

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